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Game Design Q&A

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Hello everyone!

Since our last Q&A, there have been many gameplay changes and patches made in order to improve the server. While our Game Design team has many ideas on future additions, we’d like to share them with the playerbase and get your thoughts & feedback. We will also share some sneak peeks of what we have been working on.

The Game Design Q&A will be held on the 1st of August at 1PM PST in the Game Design Q&A voice channel on the Potterworld Discord (this channel can be viewed & accessed only at the time of the Q&A).

Prior to the Q&A, we will be accepting questions from the playerbase via this form. This form will be open for 1 week and will close on the 28th of July at 12PM PST. However, you will be able to submit questions during the Q&A as well. Only questions pertaining to GD will be addressed at the Q&A (please refer to the list below).

This Q&A will consist of sections for each team in the Game Design department. These include:

  • Arena Team: This section will cover challenges, tournaments, seasons. This team is led by Salmandingo.
  • Inquisitorial Squad: This section will cover community engagement events. This team is led by xAutumnn.
  • Lore Team: This section will cover all official PW lore. This team is led by MakkChi & jackieo000.
  • Magiventologist Team: This section will cover gameplay events (such as Anniversary, Pride, Summer, etc.) This team is led by Miss_Strudel.
  • Seer Team: This section will cover official roleplay. This team is led by Nsgaming.
  • Unspeakable Team: This section will cover all world gameplay such as quests, exploration, and more. This team is led by Nsgaming.
  • Systems Team: This section will cover levelling...

Staff Appreciation Day - Live Competitions

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As some of you may know, Potterworld Staff/Team Members have a special week where we have some fun activities for us to do outside of Potterworld responsibilities. We will be having some cool competitions that we will live stream on Discord, and you are all invited to join and watch, as well as hang out with everyone while we host these competitions!

We will be hosting a few of these Potterworld Team-only competitions over the next few days, and we want to give you guys the option to watch as a type of Community Engagement! There won't be any rewards or such, but you're free to spend your time chatting with friends and other Team Members if you have free time! For some of these competitions, you'll have the chance to vote for specific entrees! We will also be editing this forum post after each event with any information you might need, such as: voting forms, voting end dates, and competition winners. We will make updates in #community-updates on the Potterworld Discord after all of the SAD competitions have been complete, so make sure to stay tuned!

Dueling Competition Winners
1st Place: Badger Duo - Tilllyy & Expiroces
2nd Place: Cracked District 12 - Krixies & Mekala_
3rd Place: Frosts on a Hot Day - Kailen & RelentlessNebula
4th Place: Bleeding Talons - Serienn & jenily

Skin Competition Winners
Best Dressed: xKala
Most Unique: Tangular123
Most Magical: grucifix (w/ help from notswagkas)
People's Favorite: Serienn

Judges Vote:
Cubbies (duos):
1st - Team 1 (eimly & Sophia_ZJZ)
2nd - Team 7 (Honeyreu & Serpentella)
3rd - Team 6 (chail3y & Clem_Zoldyck)

Plots (3-4):
1st - Team Yellow (Tilllyy, chail3y, & ChrissShock)
2nd - Team Purple (eimly, trashdotcom...

July Community Engagement

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The Inquisitorial Squad will be hosting Summer-themed Community Engagements during the month of July, and all of you are invited! We will be hosting multiple CEs, over the span of a week, with a few fun activities for you all to participate in!

Here's the schedule:
July 28th, Wednesday, at 6pm PST (Cancelled: Technical Difficulties)
July 29th, Thursday, at 9am PST
July 30th, Friday, at 6pm PST
July 31st, Saturday, at 10am PST
July 31st, Saturday, at 9pm PST

You can also refer back to these dates on the calendar.

We hope to see you all attend!

Summer Visual Arts Competition

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For this year's Summer Beach Party event, we're hosting a new competition for our artistic players! You’re not going to want to miss out on entering this competition because everyone who enters will be earning some house points toward their Potterworld house! However, the top three places will be receiving a bit more… House Points AND Potter Points!

In order to participate, you’ll need to include 1 original artwork - a traditional piece, digital piece, or render - that depicts a summer day at the beach! Don’t worry if you’re not the best at these styles, as everyone who is interested in competing can enter. Submissions will be placed in a top-three order: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place!

Competition Prizes
1st: 200 HP, 600 PP​
2nd: 150 HP, 450 PP​
3rd: 100 HP, 300 PP​
In order to view the submission guidelines and to enter your submission click here.

Competition Timeline
July 18 - Submission period is opened​
August 1 - Submission period is closed and judging begins​
August 7 - Latest date for winners to be announced​

Summer Beach Party

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While Hogsworth is on summer break, join your fellow students having fun in the sun at the Summer Beach Party! Meet the owner of the Kelpie Rescue Facility and complete summer-themed gameplay to unlock an exclusive Sand Bucket Handbag! You can stop by the party by speaking to the NPC outside the Great Hall until August 7.

Side Quests
There are two new side quests available on the beach that can be completed once per twelve hours. The new side quests include:

- Kelpie Care: Complete a different task at the Kelpie Rescue Facility each day.
- Beach Cleanup: Help make the ocean clean for its magical inhabitants by cleaning litter off the beach. The house that picks up the most will be awarded 300 house points!

You can earn more Event Tokens by completing summer-themed minigames. These minigames include: Poseidon’s Treasure Magical Parkour, Kelpie Reef Elytra Course, and Mermaid’s Grotto Dropper.

New Maps
Brand new beach maps have been added to /games. These new maps include: Boardwalk Hide and Seek Map, Underwater Melting Floor Map, and Coastline Flying Map. All modes in /games now reward Event Tokens, which are exchangeable for gold at any rewards NPC.

Complete daily challenges to claim extra Event Tokens by interacting with the Taskboard just outside the entrance to the event.

You can purchase several rewards with Event Tokens from the Tiki Bar or Tiki Huts found on the beach. The purchasable rewards include:

- Sand Bucket (Beaded Handbag Skin)
- Seaside Scarf
- Beach Ball
- Fishbowl Plushie
- Sunrise Banner Set
- Sunset Banner Set
- Summer Fireworks...

New Official Art Discord

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Art Discord Banner.png

For many years, art has been a large part of the Potterworld community. Whether it be drawing, rendering, or building, the art community has a wide variety of talents and interests!

To better grow and strengthen some of our server's communities, we have opened an all-new Art Discord! This server is not just for digital artists or renders, but instead for all different mediums. Writers, cooks, modelers, and more are welcomed!

This Discord also serves as a different way for PW team members to interact with players. There will be opportunities for players to get sneak peeks into the creative side of the server (Media & Build), get their work featured in our works such as Daily Diviner, and more!

Click here to join our Art Discord server!

Note: All rules from the main PW Discord apply & individuals will need to have their account linked (do /discord in-game).

If there are any questions, please get in contact with the Head of Media on Discord (sunnya#6761).

Coming Soon...

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Have some fun in the sun at this year's upcoming Summer event on PotterworldMC!

Arena Squire Applications - Opened

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We will be opening back Arena Squire Applications, and we're very excited to see a couple new people on the Arena Team! Applications will remain open until further notice. We're looking for new Arena Squires to help us in Challenges/Tournaments, and upcoming Arena projects!

- We're primarily looking for players on EU and AU time zones, but anyone can apply!
- If you have been on the Arena Team previously and want to rejoin the team, message the Lead Arena Master on Discord (Sal#2212) to receive the reinstatement application, as per the reinstatement protocol.
- If you know someone who you feel would be fit to join the Arena Team, feel free to encourage them to apply. We appreciate all the help we can get!
- Make sure you meet all the requirements before applying!

Click here to apply!

If you have any questions or concerns, please message the Lead Arena Master on Discord (Sal#2212). We can't wait to see your applications, good luck!
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