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April 2020 Store Releases

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Greetings witches and wizards!

It might be April Fool's Day, but this is no joke! We have released some new store items that you can access on our store here!

This month's new store releases include:
  • Four Bowler Hats (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green)
  • Flower Staff
  • Kindness Emote Pack (10 emotes!)
  • Rubber Duck Pet
  • Sheep Pet
We hope you'll enjoy these new items! Stay safe everyone during these tough times!

March 2020 House Cup

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We’d like to congratulate Griffin for being the winners of the first quarter of 2020!

Here is the final tally of house points:
:griffin:Griffin 22,217 points
:honeybadger:Honeybadger 19,311 points
:serpent:Serpent 18,207 points
:raven:Raven 14,229 points

This follows an emphatic victory for Griffin in the House Pride event! The final standings were as follows:
:griffin:Griffin 201,860 pride points
:serpent:Serpent 186,788 pride points
:honeybadger:Honeybadger 148,744 pride points
:raven:Raven 147,899 pride points

Celebrations have now begun in the Great Hall courtyard and will remain until April 11th. The next House Cup will be rewarded on June 27th!

Daily Diviner Writer Applications - Closed

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Hello everyone!

The Daily Diviner Writer applications have now closed. The few remaining applications are still being looked at and we hope to hire new members very soon.
Thank you to everyone who applied!

If you do have any questions regarding the applications, feel free to message the Head of Media.

Development Updates: 03/22/2020

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Hi everyone! I’m excited to bring you an update from the development team.

Reset is back, again!
We believe this time, we have nailed all the bugs with /reset. There were a couple of issues that gave some players extra spells, and /reset deleting some important data about the player. These were not simple fixes, but we believe it should be fixed now!

You can purchase a reset token from the store for free once a month. Your entire character will be reset, apart from your store items and event spells.

Housing changes
It’s no secret that Housing has been super unstable lately. We took a super close look at it today, and made some significant changes that seem really promising!

We’ve also added a couple of frequently requested features!
  • /house fly - this is a premium option that can be purchased for 20,000 gold. Once purchased, you may use the command whenever you like. This only works for the plot owner.
  • /house biome [biome]
  • /house weather [sun/rain]

We hope you enjoy!

Server stability
We have made a couple of changes to combat lag. We’ve been noticing some classes crashing with very low player counts, which was very unusual. We believe our changes should have fixed this, but we are monitoring everything closely!

Thank you all for your patience and your continued support. We truly appreciate it! We have some more super exciting news related to Revelius coming in the upcoming week, so stay tuned for that!

Roleplay Team

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With the Revelius Update nearing (more information on that soon), our roleplay storyline is continuing to grow. We plan on creating roleplay events more often with quests and new items in the near future. To accomplish this, we've created a new roleplay team within Game Design! This new team will be called Seers, which you can apply for here.

Seers will be dedicated to creating all the roleplay content provided by the server and we're super excited to see where our storyline goes. Hope to see you all at the next roleplay event, the Dark Lord Election, on Sunday March 29th at 12pm PST!

24h Class Event!

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Hello everyone!

The Department of Academics have decided to host a surprise 24h Class Event this Sunday, March 22nd!
This means that for the whole day (In the Pacific timezone, PDT) there will be a class running each hour!
The full schedule is seen here below.
*Please note that we will be overlooking the usual class schedule during this day.

For any questions or concerns, feel free to contact a Head Staff member!

Best regards,
The Department of Academics

Housing Awards

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Hello everyone!

I’m very excited to introduce a very new competition - the ‘Housing Awards’. It’s our new spin on our classic ‘Housing [Theme] Competition’ that we used to do in the past. This time around, instead of setting a theme dictating your build and thus the entries - we will set no theme at all! Instead we will run this competition like an award show, with nominations and their own rewards. We need you, the community to enter and encourage others to enter to make this a very fun and new kind of event.

Stage 1: Entries

Our first stage is the entry stage! Like I mentioned earlier, anyone with a housing on Potterworld can enter. But make sure to read and meet the requirements first;

  • Anyone can submit an entry; including staff and non-staff positions.
  • The one who is entering must be the owner of the housing plot, but may add people to make it a ‘group entry’. (i.e if I want to submit /housing RobotWizz, RobotWizz needs to submit the entry)
  • The Housing Awards is a showcase of your housing; you don’t need to be the person who built it from scratch… as long as you add your own personal touch!
  • You may credit the person who helped build your house; even if they’re not around anymore.
We will accept entries for around two weeks, closing on the 29th of March. Click here to submit your entry! Entries have closed

Remember that the main idea is that a large portion of your house has already been built, but of course you can finish it off while entries are open!

Make sure you have a gmail account to be able to access the google form.

Stage 2: Nominations

Once entries close, the panel of judges will go...

St. Patrick's Day Store Releases

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Greetings witches and wizards!

In celebration of St. Patrick's Day, we are delighted to announce all St. Patty's themed items will be making a return to our store for a limited time!

These items are:
• Leprechaun Hat
• Staff of Luck
• The Lucky Wand
• Pet Leprechaun
• St. Patty's Emote Pack

These items will only be available till the end of March. Enjoy!
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