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WizNewsletter - May 2021

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Created in October of 2020, the WizNewsletter serves as a way for students and staff to recap on the month's updates. WizNetworkers spend countless hours researching, writing, editing, and implementing each section so that the happenings of the wizarding world do not go unnoticed. Let’s get into the news from the past month!​



Anniversary Store Sale

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Greetings witches and wizards!

On this very special day seven years ago, the gates to Potterworld opened to the public! To celebrate Potterworld's exciting anniversary, we have an anniversary sale on all of our store items with up to 40% off! This sale will last until the 20th of May, 2021. You can go to the store by clicking here.

Thank you everyone for your support - Potterworld wouldn't be the same without you!

Note: This sale does not apply to our Potter Points shop in-game.

Potterworld's 7th Anniversary

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Potterworld is celebrating its 7th Anniversary! The Ministry of Magicians has opened the doors to a secret expansion of the Clock Room that will enable players to travel back to favorite events of the past. Speak to Kevin outside the Great Hall to join the festivities and take a trip through Potterworld’s history.

Time Travel
You will receive your very own Temporal Turner to travel to six past events including Winter Waltz at Dormunstrad, Halloween in Halloweentown (Trickington), Butterbrew in Hogsend, Carnival, Fine Arts Festival, and the Survival Closing Ceremony.

However, your Temporal Turner won’t work unless you collect Temporal Sand. You can obtain Temporal Sand in 3 ways: completing daily quests, playing minigames, and collecting hidden nodes throughout the Clock Room. Playing minigames generates Temporal Sand over time, so make sure to speak to the Minigames NPC in the Clock Room to check if you have any sand to collect. After you have enough sand, you can permanently unlock the next event location containing more quests and activities. Unlocking each of the past event locations will give access to purchasing a few exclusive rewards.

In your Quest Journal, you will see a new icon for the Anniversary Event. There are seven new main quests including an introduction quest and a quest for each of the past event locations. There are additionally several new daily quests that can be completed once per twelve hours. You can use your Quest Journal to find starting coordinates as well as track your daily quest cooldowns.

You can earn Event Tokens and generate Temporal Sand by playing...

7th Anniversary Competition

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Potterworld's 7th anniversary is in just three days! To celebrate, we're hosting a competition for players to have the chance to receive the exclusive Droobledoll Hat & Potter Points!

In order to participate, you'll have to submit one photo AND one writing piece that follows the prompt "Why do you think players have enjoyed this server for all these years?" Participants will be judged on 3 categories: Most heartfelt, most creative, and best interpretation of the prompt! There will be 2 winners for each category, and each winner will be awarded a Droobledoll Hat and 400 Potter Points.

In order to view the submission guidelines and to enter your submission click here.

Competition Timeline
May 15 - Submission period is opened​
May 29 - Submission period is closed & judging begins​
June 5 - Latest date for winners to be announced​

May Community Engagement

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The Inquisitorial Squad will be hosting Potterworld Anniversary-themed Community Engagements during the month of May, and all of you are invited! We will be hosting multiple CEs, over the span of a week, with a few fun activities for you all to participate in!

Here's the schedule:
Tuesday May 25th- 3pm PST
Wednesday May 26th- 5pm PST
Friday May 28th- 10pm PST
Saturday May 29th- 8am PST
Sunday May 30th- 6pm PST

You can also refer back to these dates on the calendar.

We hope to see you all attend!

Pet B-Unit Release

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Greetings from a faraway galaxy!

With the May the Fourth event well underway, we are thrilled to announce the release of the NEW Pet B-Unit on our webstore! This loyal ball-shaped droid will roll its way through any terrain you may enter - just make sure to clean the droid afterward!

This item (as well as our other May the Fourth items) will be available until the 31st of May, 2021. For more information, you can view our store at store.potterworldmc.com.

This item is also available in the Potter Points shop.

Season Championships Update

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Over the past 3 months, many witches and wizards have been competing in both Dueling and Flying Challenges with the goal of becoming the top wizard at Hogsworth! We'd like to congratulate Expiroces, Bastaii, and Tillyular123 for becoming our very first Season Championship MVPs!

Overall Category
Winning this category requires being on top of your game for both Dueling, Flying, and other Challenge types we may have. Congratulations to Expiroces for coming in first!
Final Overall Arena Score: 169​
Final Dueling Arena Score: 83​
Final Flying Arena Score: 86​

Dueling Category
Winning this category requires consistently being the top duelist. Congratulations to Bastaii for coming in first!
Final Overall Arena Score: 119​
Final Dueling Arena Score: 71​
Final Flying Arena Score: 48​

Flying Category
Winning this category requires consistently being the top flier. Congratulations to Tillyular123 for coming in first!
Final Overall Arena Score: 153​
Final Dueling Arena Score: 70​
Final Flying Arena Score: 83​

For those of you who made it onto the top 6 leaderboard, you have all received 30 Arena Tokens for your hard work throughout the Season!

Final Top...

May the Fourth Event

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May the Fourth be with you! The Centennial Hawk has landed near the Boathouse to transport Hogsworth students to a Galaxy Far Far Away. Join the fight between the Rebels and Imperials in our seasonal minigames! Speak to Jayoda on the Centenial Hawk to travel to the Cantina, where you can purchase exclusive rewards and explore other new gameplay features.

Our seasonal May the Fourth minigames have been enabled! Type /games to join the queue for Star Racing or a featured Star Battle game mode. Each week, a new Star Battle gamemode will be enabled. The order is as follows:

Week 1: Payload
Week 2: Domination
Week 3: Star Battle
Week 4: You Decide! Whichever mode has the most plays during the week it is enabled will come back.

This year, we’ve introduced a few new maps for the Star Battle game modes! The map will be randomly chosen for modes with multiple maps. After listening to player feedback, we have eliminated team selection before the start of the game to equalize teams.

You may notice that Star Racing is not currently accessible. We've run into some last-minute bugs and it will be available starting later today or tomorrow. Please enjoy the rest of our event content in the meantime!

In-Game Content
A new escape room quest, Escape from Doom Moon, can be accepted from the Rebel Commander at the Cantina.

Instead of simply purchasing a Plasma Blade, you will now work to assemble it yourself! The steps to assemble a Plasma Blade include:

- Crafting a Hilt in the Lightsaber Workshop
- Searching for the perfect Kryalite on Illius
- Combining the components into your very own Plasma Blade

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