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    Duplicate Pronouns in personalisation

    Hey @VynVibes! Thank you for taking the time to write this suggestion. At this point in time, someone has already suggested a similar idea. You can find this suggestion here. It is still under review so keep an eye on this original thread for our decision! Have a fantastic day!
  2. Mekala

    Duplicate The Adventure of the Deerstalker Hat

    Hiya @MattDoesArt! Thanks so much for this great suggestion! Unfortunately, this idea had been brought up in the past and declined. You can find the similar suggestion here. As this thread states, we feel as though this would only appeal to a small group of people on the server. I'm going to...
  3. Mekala

    Declined Item Frame

    Hiya @Nicolas.D! Thanks so much for being patient while waiting for a response. Unfortunately this suggestion has been declined because item frames are entities and therefore cause lag if there's a lot of them. And, we believe their current price is a reasonable price. Thanks to everyone who...
  4. Mekala

    Completed Restrictions and House Point Reduction

    Hey @JustinS and everyone else! Thanks so much to everyone that voiced their opinion on this topic! The first part of this suggestion about house point reduction is a duplicate of another thread that you can find here. We do not want to implement any gameplay that removes house points, because...
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    On-Hold Improve Higher Level Grinding

    Hiya @tiggs_ ! Thanks for taking the time to make this suggestion! I am pleased to tell you that this has been accepted because we are already looking into these issues and attempting to find ways to solve them. The Systems Team is currently re-balancing the formulas we use for approximating...
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    Declined Attendance class

    Hi @zazi! Thanks so much for your suggestion! We are always looking for ideas to improve the server. Unfortunately, this thread has been declined for the following reasons. While we can see how it would be nice and aid the rp aspect of classes, we think it would cause to many other gameplay...
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    Under Review Make Potion Classes more useful + example

    Hiya @JustinS! Thank you so much for taking the time to make this suggestion. We are always looking for new ways to improve the server. At this time I will talk about your idea with my team and we will make a decision on it hopefully soon. Keep a lookout for my response on this thread! Have a...
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    Under Review The Chamber of Mysteries - A New Side-Quest!

    Hi @fxndomgeek and everyone else! Thank you all so much for your suggestion! We are always looking for great ideas to improve the server. I've decided to bring this up with my fellow Poltergeists to see what they think about this. I'll let you know once we've reached a decision so keep an eye...
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    Duplicate Server custom advancements

    Heya @Jodelle! Thanks so much for your suggestion! However, a similar suggestion has already been brought up and accepted. You can find this suggestion here. As this idea takes a lot of planning and work, hopefully it will be done in the near future. I am going to mark this suggestion as a...
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    On-Hold Marketplace Catergories

    Hiya @MattyPoltergeist , This suggestion has been accepted, as we already have plans for this. A similar suggestion, which can be found here, had been brought up and was accepted. We look forward to seeing more ideas from you in the future! Have a fantastic day!
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    Declined Broom Particle Trails (cosmetic effect)

    Hey @Sirje_Wildmoon! Unfortunately your suggestion has been declined. As said by others and the thread mentioned, we are not able to find a way to implement this type of cosmetic effect without causing some sort of performance issue(s). Additionally, we’re also not sure how popular this would...
  12. Mekala

    Declined Developers Team Changes

    Hi @Lenz, Thanks for your suggestion, but unfortunately it has been declined for the following reasons. We cannot force people from all timezones to apply, nor do we want to give applicants preferential treatment based on time zones. We accept those who are best suited to the role, regardless...
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    Summer Beach Party

    Have fun everyone!
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    Declined House Cup Event Contest

    Hey @mcpunchie varulv and @Clem ! Unfortunately this suggestion has been declined, as this is not something we will be doing. The celebrations we plan for the House Cup is not its own event, but rather a small way of celebrating the wins. When it comes to competitions. we want them to be...
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    Declined Furbies!

    Hi @dani ! and everyone else that left their input, Unfortunately this suggestion has been declined, as we will not be looking to make a Furby pet and model. Every model that we have in our resource pack should be able to be used in a variety of ways. We have limited space in our resource pack...